Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I use the address as my business address?
Yes. You can use the address on your business cards, legal documents, bank account, etc. This will be your address. The only difference with having a physical office is that you are not going to be using office space.
2How does mail forwarding work?
Mail is sent to the mail forwarding service and is then placed unopened into another plain and unmarked envelope and mailed to its final destination.
3Why shouldn’t I simply rent a P.O. Box at the U.S. Post Office?
The U.S. Post Office requires that you apply in person for a P.O. Box, which is not very practical for out-of-state/country customers. Furthermore, they can only receive U.S. Mail, not FedEx and UPS packages since they do not have a system set up to forward your mail to your actual home address.
4Can you scan my correspondence and e-mail it to me?
Yes, this Service is available as well as Scan to Cloud, where we scan your mailings and upload them to our system so you can access via your cellphone, tablet of computer.
5Who uses alternate addresses?
Frequent travelers, foreign businesses, home-based businesses, personal ad respondents, divorcees, etc.
6How much does it cost to redirect my mail?
It will depend of the delivery method you chose: US Postal Service, Courier or our Scan & Email Service.
7Can I change my forwarding address?
Yes, it is possible to change your mail forwarding address as many times as you wish at no extra charge. To do this, you must send your new forwarding address by e-mail a minimum of seven days in advance.
8In which U.S. cities do you offer mailboxes?
We offer boxes in Dania Beach, between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
9What is your policy regarding customer privacy and confidentiality?
We understand and share our customers’ concern for confidentiality. The privacy of our customers is of utmost importance to us. Therefore, it is our policy never to sell or give out the names, addresses or any other information about our customers. We would only provide information about your address to a judicial authority under court order or subpoena and never to private citizens.
10Do you accept parcels?
Although our service is intended to provide you a Virtual Address with mail forwarding capabilities just for documents, we can make exceptions with established customers, but we cannot handle parcels of more than 4 pounds.
11We are retired and travel a lot. How can your service be of use to us?
By establishing a permanent address for both business and personal purposes, you are free to travel and move about, knowing that your mail is going to one central location and will be forwarded WHEN and WHERE you want it.
12Can you handle international mail?
Many of our customers are overseas. They are U.S. citizens working or stationed abroad, internet businesses, overseas companies that sell to U.S. customers, students at foreign colleges who need a permanent U.S. address, and many others. We are familiar with the best and quickest ways to get mail to most places in the world.
13Can we send you letters to be mailed from your address?
Yes we provide re-mailing services. Let us know your needs and we will be glad to give you a quotation.
14How often will you forward my mail?
We will forward your mail to you daily, weekly or monthly according to your wishes. Next day, 2nd day or regular 1st class mail, you choose.
15Do you provide private mailboxes so we can pick up our own mail?
No, we do not provide individual private mailboxes. Our policy is to forward the mail we receive.
16What if you get mail for us after we have terminated our forwarding account?
If it is first-class or parcel post mail (air or surface first-class, priority, overnight, registered or certified), we will return it to the send-er. The Post Office will not return other classes of mailings without additional postage, so those will be discarded.
17Can you provide telephone forwarding as well as mail forwarding?
We don’t provide Call Forwarding services, but today, these kind of services are very easy to obtain through Skype, Google voice or many other vendors.
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